service design thinking and doing

being a hedgefox

Hedgefoxes is a small service design studio based in Belgium, ran by Wouter Walgraeve.

With his experience in technology driven projects and his background in the creative and digital media/broadcasting industry, Wouter has proven himself to be able to bridge the gap between business, technology and people. He’s a versatile digital handyman who’s constantly searching to bring comfort outside the comfort zone.

As a service design thinker, Wouter helps companies and organisations to improve products and services, with a human centered mindset, focussing on needs and expectations of users, with business viability and technology feasibility in mind. The core of his mindset is based on the double diamond design thinking framework, where he discovers and designs the opportunity before developing and testing the solution. Design thinking workshops with Wouter often deal with stakeholder mapping, designing user journeys and writing hypotheses.

As an UX architect and interaction designer, Wouter translates those needs and expectations into user experiences, starting with strategies that grow into concepts, touchpoints and interfaces. He has strong skills in rapid prototyping and testing assumptions with users, as you need to be sure you’re doing the right thing before doing things right. Wouter is an expert in low- and high-fidelity wireframing, drawing interfaces that are desirable for the user, with proper respect to usability standards. Because of his knowledge of software architecture, those interfaces fit seamless in the application, business and technical contexts. Often he supports product owners and development teams with grooming the backlog by leading storymapping sessions, writing user stories and defining user acceptance criteria.

Last but not least, as a service design lead, Wouter coaches digital UX teams to deliver delightful experiences for end users and customers. He’s a teamplayer and coach, a fast and agile thinker and he likes to energise teammembers by embracing co-creation on all levels.

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